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Margin Master

Margin Master - What is it?

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What is Margin Master?

Margin Master is a computer program designed to help retailers achieve incremental gains to their bottom line by enabling them to quickly analyze their current retails.  Their retail can be quickly changed to provide unlimited "What-If" scenarios.  Also, an analysis can be performed against known Competitor Pricing Information.  The value of Margin Master really shines when the retailer is able to quickly perform these "what-if" scenarios, and see very quickly the impact a proposed retail change has to their bottom line - both on an annual basis and a month by month basis.

With the introduction of the Pricing Strategy Manager, Margin Master has the ability to help users develop, maintain, and implement any number of pricing rules.  These rules can be applied at any level - Store, Department, Class, Commodity Group, and more.  These rules together form a store's pricing strategy.  Individual rules can be arranged, made activate or inactive, modified, or deleted.  As the Pricing Strategy takes shape, users can instantly apply their pricing strategy to their current pricing.  This will quickly ensure that each of the pricing rules is being followed, and identify any Sku's not in agreement with the pricing strategy.  The Pricing Strategy Manager effectively allows users to accurately manage their pricing in a few minutes.

Let's face it, we are all in business to make a buck.  If you are not in business to make a profit, you can stop reading now.  For the rest of us, we fight the endless battle to make more profit.  The concept of Margin Management is certainly not new.  What is new is the Margin Master Program that can harness the power of your Personal Computer and show you how to put some serious dollars to the bottom line.

Over the last several years, expenses like health care have grown at a staggering pace.  Almost certainly, business growth has been outpaced by expense growth.  So the obvious question is, "How can I make more money on the same or similar sales dollars?  The answer - Margin Management.

When you sell a product, you typically price those items at some predetermined margin -- say, 35%.  Well - as competition has increased, employee costs have skyrocketed -- and you're still trying to make a living and pay competitive wages from that same profit margin.

The Challenge of Margin Management is understanding the relationship between your current price, and what the consumer will pay.  It is no longer acceptable to price your merchandise at a single price level.  Big Box retailers are masters of this - they price selected items low - to attract the customer -- and charge significantly higher margin for other blind and non-competitive items.

Well, if they can do it why can't you?  Margin Master is a software program to help you work your margins by allowing unlimited "what-if" scenarios based on factual details from your POS computer system.  By quickly comparing your current retails to vendor list pricing, you can quickly identify items that need attention.  Quickly make changes, and see immediately the annual impact the price change would have on your bottom line.